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In the face of vertigo and haste, in the face of the digital and intangible, craftsmanship is today one of the great values of today’s culture. Modern luxury is synonymous with what arises from creative talent and is made by expert hands. Material, texture and detail are its ingredients. This is the starting point of a creative work that gives birth to objects that last and that aspire to a reflexive, careful and cultured consumption.

We approached the subject by talking to companies and authors whose work is intimately linked to this way of doing things. Historical brands that always point the way, but also new voices that claim other meanings based on that love for the material and the craft.

This is an issue that pays tribute to the material quality of great ideas. More than 320 pages wrapped in a cover elaborated with materials unpublished in a magazine. Inside, different paper textures declare our passion, in container and content, for a new way of understanding craftsmanship.

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All this supported, of course, by the high quality of its objects, which represent and are part of our tradition. In a new step, the company has just launched a line of architectural finishes. With this, it seeks to be an extension and expression of the vernacular architecture of the country, present in the towns and rural communities.See also: AXXIS Tour from the Pelíkano Experience Center.

«With this reference and in the spirit of exploring new paths and possibilities for artisans, this alternative is presented for the development of architectural applications: coatings, partitions, ceilings and wall lights.


Los dedos nos salvan de lo digital. Más allá de la paradoja etimológica, la realidad que perciben sirve de soporte material ante la inquietante evanescencia de lo virtual. Cuando el contexto se disuelve en píxeles o bits, lo táctil recupera el sentido o

Situado en las afueras de Koudougou, la tercera ciudad más poblada de Burkina Faso, el nuevo edificio del Lycée Schorge se inspira en los asentamientos tradicionales de esta parte de África Occidental, ofreciendo reinterpretaciones de los materiales de construcción vernáculos.

Abandonado durante muchas décadas, hasta el punto de estar muy deteriorado, el Kulm Eispavilion de la localidad alpina de St. Moritz -construido en 1905 y utilizado como sede de los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno celebrados en 1928 y 1948- ha sido rehabilitado con dos princi

Situado en unas 5.000 hectáreas de rancho ganadero en Fishtail, Montana, en el límite norte del Parque Nacional de Yellowstone, el Tippet Rise Art Center es un nuevo destino para el arte, donde la música, la escultura y la arquitectura dialogan con el po

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