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Miguel Ángel Fernández Chico. He was not just any policeman; he was a professional of the National Police Corps (CNP) with a simply exemplary work capacity, dedication and spirit of sacrifice from his beginnings as an inspector on foot and, with no one to sponsor him, by his own merit, he climbed up the ranks of the Police, with promotions decided by the Interior Ministries of different governments, both PSOE and PP. He was decorated on several occasions for his actions in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime. He was also a police commander who was loved, respected and admired in all the posts where he was stationed.

They did not even have the dignity, decency or the simple humanitarian gesture of waiting for him to die before replacing him, which happened just two weeks later. They did not want to deprive themselves of the macabre pleasure of seeing his dismissal published in the BOE.

Who Minister Fernandez Diaz appointed as Miguel Angel’s replacement was the famous Eugenio Pino, who many of you will know, since among other things, he was the organizer of the famous ‘patriotic police’, the one who authorized the Kitchen operation.

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Regarding the alleged spying on the former president of Sacyr Luis del Rivero, he said that he never used police means to carry out this work nor did he intercept telephone calls and that if he had a list with the traffic of calls it was because it was provided by the CNI.

During his statement, he also mentioned Sacyr’s security manager Rodrigo Álvarez Vázquez -who appeared before the judge as a witness because he was considered to be injured in the case- and said that he met with him several times, at his insistence.

The sources consulted have indicated that Villarejo has argued that this assignment to protect the detergent company Persán came from people close to the former Vice President of the Government and former Minister of the Interior Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba -now deceased-, because a «firm linked» to the PSOE. Specifically, he mentioned his former chief of staff Gregorio Martínez and the former DAO Fernández-Chico.

With all this, Villarejo has framed this matter in an internal struggle between two factions of the Andalusian PSOE, one of them led by Rubalcaba and the other by the current Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, whom he has placed in the sector that allegedly would have collaborated to prevent the other group had funding.

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This afternoon, in a press release, the Ministry of the Interior has announced that the appointments of the new positions, ten of the thirteen senior police commanders, will be announced this Thursday and will be effective as of Friday, date scheduled for publication in the BOE.

Only the heads of the Personnel Division, Gonzalo Rodríguez Casares, and the Economic and Technical Coordination Division, Ildefonso Escalero, will keep their posts. The head of the Human Resources Area of the National Police Force will be promoted from Division Chief to Deputy Director General.

The rest of the senior commanders, those specific to police activity, are relieved by the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, at the proposal of Cosidó and the Secretary of State for Security, Ignacio Ulloa.

In addition to Fernandez-Chico, in the Governing Board of the National Police stand out the general commissioners of Judicial Police, Juan Antonio Gonzalez; Information, Miguel Valverde; and Scientific Police, Miguel Angel Santano.

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The order by which Pino is decorated is signed by the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz. Of Commissioner Pino, from whose Deputy Operational Directorate (DAO) the political opposition has been investigated, whether they were the Catalan independence supporters or Podemos, Fernández Díaz assures that «he has excelled in the fulfillment of the duties of his position» and that his performance «has redounded to the prestige of the Corporation».

The order of Minister Fernandez Diaz is dated June 2. On that day, a farewell lunch was held for the deputy director in a restaurant in the capital. It was attended, among others, by the Minister; the Secretary of State, Francisco Martínez; the members of the Governing Board; and some police officers who, although not representing the command of any unit, have played an important role under Pino’s orders, such as Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo Pérez.

Pino’s departure has had a second controversial derivative, the appointment of a successor. Within the Corps, a temporary solution was expected until the formation of a new government. However, the acting minister has decided to call for the position, a formality since it is a position of free designation. The operational deputy director chosen by the minister will have to be confirmed or dismissed by the next government, be it of the Popular Party or of another party.

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