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In the neoliberal regime exploitation is no longer produced as alienation and self-derealization, but as freedom, as self-realization and self-optimization. Here the other no longer exists as an exploiter who forces me to work and alienates me from myself. Rather, I voluntarily exploit myself in the belief that I am fulfilling myself. This is the perfidious logic of neoliberalism. So is also the first euphoric phase of the burnout process or «burned-out worker syndrome». I throw myself euphorically into work, until I collapse. I kill myself to fulfill myself. I kill myself to optimize myself. Behind the mirage of freedom hides neoliberal domination. The dominion is consummated the moment it coincides with freedom. This sensation of freedom is fatal insofar as it makes any resistance, any revolution impossible. After all, there are no others from whom repression should come. Jenny Holzar’s truism, «protect me from what I want,» accurately expresses this paradigm shift.

protect me from what i want – gay short film – english subt

We live in a world in which domination and exploitation are no longer violent or forced, but simply happen and are baptized as freedom. How seductive Byung-Chul Han is! The new intelligent greed is dressed in silk and has no prurience in adorning itself with feathers that adorn it with opposite values, as long as the resulting product is pleasing to us. Pleasing. To get us without forcing us. A savage neoliberalism in which the capitalist no longer needs to risk capital, such is the case of applications like Uber or Deliveroo, and in which workers are ready to produce their surplus value, assuming all the risk, happy and content to no longer be workers but entrepreneurs.

«The purpose of the neoliberal domination technique is not only to exploit working time but also the whole person. It discovers man and turns him into an object of exploitation,» Han explains, and to this end he does not hesitate to convert us to the religion of self-improvement and the optimization of personal productivity. «Personal optimization is total exploitation,» the thinker discovers.

the fania of christ – protect me

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In the 80’s she began to emerge as a conceptual artist and to use projection systems or illuminated posters as the main supports for her work. One of her resources is the appropriation, not only of a non-artistic means of communication such as advertising, but also of phrases and statements of historical figures such as philosophers or politicians. The move was masterful, Jenny Holzer was not only spreading culture, she was provoking the people who read these phrases to think!

Short sentences, with no other intention than to offer us a moment with ourselves. The power of the words suggests a parenthesis in our thoughts and it is we the spectators who finish the play by thinking about Holzer’s sentence. Moreover, there is a certain democratization in the work of the American artist: the language is accessible to everyone and even though it is conceptual art, it does not require knowledge of art history or aesthetics, not even a special sensibility. Simply reading her works stirs something inside us.

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