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rowenta smart force – analysis in english

The Rowenta brand has in its catalog several robot vacuum cleaners. Among them, the five Rowenta Smart Force Essential models that are very similar to each other and also have excellent qualities.

Within the Smart Force Essential we find five different models similar to each other and with the same power. In addition, these five models can also be divided into two groups: Aqua and non-Aqua.

The Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua are hybrid robot vacuum cleaners, which vacuum and mop, in addition to sweeping and mopping. Of these models, Rowenta has two in its catalog: the rr6971wh and the rr6976wh.

In addition to the common features with the other rowenta smart force essential robotic vacuum cleaners that we have already discussed, this aqua rr66971wh model is characterized by its mopping and scrubbing function.

This model has the basic functions of the smart force essential. What it does not have is the scrubbing function that the aqua models have nor the virtual wall function by means of magnetic tape that the rr6943wh has.

smart force essential robot vacuum cleaner

Today the robot vacuum cleaner market has diversified in such a way that it is possible to find models that cover a wide range of needs and budgets. There are those with intelligent navigation and control through a mobile app, for those users looking for comfort and efficiency above all, but also simpler and more versatile as the one we analyze in this article: the Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua.

The first thing that strikes us about this robot vacuum cleaner is how compact it is and the simplicity of its instructions. In general, robot vacuum cleaners do not have much mystery of use (in fact it is enough to press a button to take action), although the cleaning modes or programming may not be so intuitive if you are not familiar. In the case of the Rowenta Smart Force Essential Aqua, rather than instructions for use, we are faced with a set of pictograms that are easy to understand.

rowenta smart force essential aqua robot vacuum cleaner

Rowenta RR6943WH Smart Force Essential – Robot vacuum cleaner 3 cleaning modes, infrared sensors and anti-fall, high performance on hard floors, lithium ion battery 150 min autonomy with virtual wall

Starting with the most important points. It is a robot/vacuum cleaner with brushes. When it turns on the suction is when it can make a little more noise (bearable, not just annoying). It cleans really well and is a very low and flat robot model.PROS:-Good autonomy: 2h +/-, 9/10-Silent: 6/10-Cleaning: 9/10-Robot height: 10/10CONTRAS:-Charging station: 5/10 (Sometimes not found)-Cleaning areas: 5/10 (For areas where it passes it does perfect but does not pass through all the corners. Recommendation: leave it locked 30min in each room or with the magnetic strip as it has no scanning area and thus ensure the total cleaning)-Modes cleaning: 4/10 frankly do not serve for much.Recommended purchase. As long as you do not mind the cadence of zone recognition sensors.

rowenta smart force essential aqua robot vacuum cleaner

300,19 EURSee Offer on AmazonRowenta RR6971WH Smart Force Essential AquaFor a little more price we have this Smart Force Essential Aqua that as you may have deduced from its name, incorporates scrubbing function. This model is basically like the RR6976WH, but in blue and black.It also has remote control, 150 minutes of autonomy at low power, random navigation with infrared anti-shock sensors, and with its 8 cm height can go under almost any piece of furniture.The washable microfiber mop that incorporates is top quality, although it does not replace a mop with embedded stains according to user reviews.

See Offer on AmazonRowenta explorer series 20 RR6871WHOne other option you can find at a very good price is the RR6871WH, which is the same as the RR6875WH, ie a Smart Force Explorer series 20.In practice it also has no notable differences with the RR6971WH so I recommend you buy the one with the best offer of the three.Analyzing the most repeated opinions, people emphasize that its operation is very simple and that it usually does not give problems.

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